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Air Pellet Stove

2  models from 4 up to  12 kW/h, the most economic choice for your home

Choose an ECOLINE  model that meets the needs of your heating  with the best that modern technology has to
offer for economical operation, quiet, environmentally friendly.

The  perfect sealed combustion chamber ensures the uses up the oxygen taken exclusively from the outside,
ensuring reduced consumption and perfect heating conditions.

The air stove pellet ECOLINE  heats  evenly throughout your space.  It is equipped with the most modern electronic
control which secure a safety and economic system protecting the quality of the air and the environmental.

  •  Economic and silent operation
  •  Low temperature exhaust
  •  High efficiency (over 91%)
  •  Respect to the environment and your space

The  ECOLINE  pellet  stove  is the easiest and the most economical way of heating.

An ideal choice for your home