The GS boiler is a new model 2016, producing also Hot Water for heating and sanitary water, using a stainless steel coil exchanger. The boiler GS is the evolution of the classical boiler, perfectly adapted to the hot water production with explosive yields in a short time and in the quantities needed each time.

The boiler GS can be combined with oil – gas – pellet or biomass burner. It is equipped with all necessary systems for automatic and safe operation providing us, every moment, hot water for sanitary use operating as a primary or secondary system, with large savings of fuel and at the same time economic to purchase.

The body of the boiler is manufactured of special, high endurance, steel sheets, seamless tubes and stainless steel exchanger complying with all European norms for endurance and economy.

It ensures the ideal economic heating with high efficiency and plenty Sanitary Hot Water. 

The boiler type GS is fit for hotels, restaurant, industries, professional spaces and where ever large Hot Water Quantities is required.