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From 15 up to 40 Kw/h

GT Plus is an oil condensing compact hot water unit  for heating and D.H.Water  using  a stainless steel coil  exchanger for the production of  the sanitary hot water (D.H.W.)

The  GT Plus compact unit  with its unique design  exploit its thermal energy, keeping  NOx at very low levels.
This is achieved by the excellent combination of MIK EUROPE factory’s  high oil burning expertise and the most important construction companies abroad, such as British EOGB  with the most modern  X400 & X500 series low NOx  burners, the Danish GRUNDFOS  with the latest ErP circulators, series ALPHA, and more.

The  excellent design and manufacturing geometry, are supported  on very good reception of all available heat from the boiler exhaust. This is done through the design of the boiler which generates three exhaust routes.
As a result of all the above, the unit efficiency is higher than 103%  (see related tables and explanations)

GT Plus compact units  are a comprehensive proposal for heating individual properties.
Consists of :
• Steel boiler of ST37 steel with  three exhaust gases routes.
• Stainless steel gases tubes of  INOX 316 L

The geometric dimensions of the boiler and the combustion chamber with large heat exchange surfaces, provide high system efficiency (> 98%) with particularly low pollutants (CO, NOx), making the GT Plus units  best seller product  in European markets.

They also have a high performance rate- above 102%  for more effective and economic consumption.A stainless steel chamber at the bottom of the boiler collects the residues and the condensates in order to be easily removed.

The  GT Plus systems are satisfy the  Europeans Regulations (EU) No 813/2013 & No 811/2013, conquered  the ENERGY CLASS A.

GT Plus units include

  • EOGB burner with preheating combustion air
  • Grundfos ErP pump
  • Stainless steel coil  exchanger
  • Electronic controller
  • Anti freeze protection
  • Expansion vessel
  • Safety valve
  • Coaxial chimney
  • Condensate trap
  • Connection points for neutralizer (not included)

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