REVORB is an AIR-WATER or WATER-WATER heat pump which in combination with the unique MYTHERM boilers simultaneously produces:


Without rejecting beneficial and accurate energy in the environment.

The innovation of the invention lies in the full exploitation of the environmentally generated counter-energy.

Energy that would be rejected by a conventional system as “useless” is now recycled for the benefit of the consumer, ensuring MAXIMUM ECONOMY, while contributing to ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION with reduced CO2 emissions and emissions.

The compact construction of this innovative system offers safety during installation, operation and use without the need for extra Freon connections only water connections to meet the needs of HEATING, REFRIGERATION and HOT WATER.

It is a unique high-tech proposal, protects the environment and provides  ENERGY RECOVERY, the crucial part of attaining sustainable development goals and it is the key of energy recycling.

Eco friendly  compressor with  R134a  Freon.

A  stylish one piece unit incorporates a high efficiency top-mounted compressor, friendly to the environment.

Hygiene ANTIMICROBIAL protection against legionella.

REVORB distinguish the water that transmits energy, from the water we use (D.H.W.) and that we often drink. There is a clear  separation of the water that is HEATED  by the water we USE.

Operation screen

A digital colored  touch screen provides helpful functions such as temp setting, timer, safety lock when it offers a wi-fi connection and control by distance.

Low Operating Noise

Operating at a very low level – from 48 dBA.

It will, pleasurably, surprise you and your neighbours.

Coils inside tanks

Unique patent which maximize the efficiency and the life time of the unit. Zero corrosion.

Anti freeze protection

REVORB unit, automatically protect the compressor from ice. Nothing can interrupt your quiet days.

Wide Operating Range

Operates in a range of  -25°C up to +52°C  (with tropical compressor under request )

Minimize the thermal losses as they have a strong polyurethane insulation saving money.


The highly efficient series of REVORB, produces 4,2 times more heat energy than the input money. It saves money.

Low installation and service costs.


  • cleaning and good conditions check
  • access to their interior (minimum service cost)
  • replacement of all stainless / copper steel exchangers

Fully recyclable

Residential Warranty

10 years tank  = 5 years Compressor = 2 years Electronics