Mytherm  factory, has successfully participated in the world’s leading trade fair  “2019 ISH” held in Frankfurt  from 10th  to 15th  March 2019.

Professionals and technicians in the heating industry,   from all over the world, visited the Mytherm’s stand and they had the opportunity to discuss with our engineers the latest innovative developments of  Mytherm products.

The attendace and interest of the proffesionals was very big, who mainly focused on the new innovative,  HYBRID , hot water boiler   “HYBOSUN” and the new developments in the construction and operation of  the  D.H.W. plastic tanks .

Special interest was also shown by the visitors of our stand, for the new  OIL CONDENSING BOILER  GT , where they commented positively on its excellent, ergonomic and high quality construction of GT whose efficiency is higher than 102%, while the new HEAT PUMP plastic tank for plenty sanitary water stole all visitor’s impressions.

Mytherm company  renews its appointment with the European professionals for the next major exhibition.