Hot water, pellet boiler THALIA PLUS

The most economic, autonomous and practical heating solution.

If you need to heat a home, a house or a business premise the ideal solution is  the compact pellet unit THALIA plus, with its trimmed design and construction and its strong insulation for thermal losses reduction.

Choose a pellet boiler ΤΗΑLΙΑ plus, that covers your heating demands and leave the rest to it with the best that modern technology has to offer for economical operation, quiet, environmentally friendly, low flue outlet and perfect combustion.
The pellet boiler ΤΗΑLΙΑ plus heats evenly throughout your space.

It is equipped with all the necessary electronic and electrical operation devices and safety systems (circulation pump, expansion vessel, safety valve,  automatic air vent) to provide continuous and uninterrupted services.

It is the only pellet stove that includes, as optional, a controlling air supply (lpm) air flow sensor, formula technology, in order to auto regulate the air quantity under actual combustion conditions resulting in a purer combustion, economy and the less possible surcharge of the stove – less need for service.