The air boiler is the simplest and cheapest in purchase and installation way of heating a space.  It is ideal solution for greenhouses, drying chambers, industrial, bird-breeding, small industries, common meeting places, fairgrounds and wherever a fast, economic and completely controlled heating is necessary.

Air boilers are manufactured in different types in reference to their fuel:
oil, gas, wood pellet, biomass, fuel air boilers,

with all the electrical and electronic equipment required for their seamless, safe and economic useage with uninterrupted services.


  • constructed of high endurance stainless steel sheets in the combustion chamber and seamless  ubes for high efficiency and time-endurance.
  • combined with a centrifugal fan with two-sided inlet for low level of noise during the air-boiler operation.
  •  delivered with an electrical control panel with double operative air temperature thermostat.
  • combined – operated with any fuel (gas-oil-solid)

MYTHERM AIR BOILERS have  the possibility of adapting the output air according to our needs, by placing plenum and operating with channels of distribution.

MYTHERM AIR BOILERS the best in efficiency and economy air boiler in the market.