When you want to change the fuel in your old oil boiler.

The ideal pellet burner for easy replacement of the oil burner in old used oil boiler.

The  diameter of the  boiler’s door, for the burner : 110 mm only.


The  MS-S series has a high  efficiency rate and it can manage many different types of biomass fuel  as, olive oil and fruits kernels and others.

They  MS-S  pellet burners have a pipe in pipe technology which modifies the combustion chamber in the inside of the pipe with the help of a “blade” that raises the combustion temperature of the fuel succeeding in higher efficiency rates and limiting the amount of combustion residues.

Depending the model size they have the suitable holes  providing the required amount of primary and secondary combustion air flow.

They  MS-S burners have  an auto-ignition system with the help of an electrical , or ceramic resistance.

The MYTHERM pellet burners  built from high resistance temperature stainless steel  (310/304) and  they are  equipped with all the required operation and safety systems. They are the only burners  that sets the power levels of the combustion in accordance to the exhaust  temperature and not only from the water temperature of the boiler.

  • Models from 12 kW/h  up to 85 kW/h
  • High efficiency up to 99%
  • Stainless refractory material in the combustion space

Cleaning system :  The  fun of the burner clean the flame tube from the ash (on maximum rpm/min).

An ideal choice for your home