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PLASTIC TANK (Hygienic PPR),  International Patent, PCT/GR2019/000005

BH  WATER HEATER use a last generation HEAT PUMP to produce hot sanitary water (D.H.W.)

With pure goal the ENVIRONMENT, HYGIENE & and the SAVE MONEY, we distinguish the water that transmits energy, from the water we use (D.H.W.) and that we often drink.

Inside the tank, there is a quantity of water that is permanent (stable) and does not change.

This water accepts the thermal energy from the HEAT PUMP, through a COPPER coil heat exchanger, or, through stainless steel coil exhangers from any  other sources of energies you have as:

HOT WATER BOILER   (gas / oil / pellet / biomass / electricity)




The BH water heater use the thermical energy of heat pump’s decompression as energy source to heat the stable water inside it. On this point the BH is working as buffer which heat the sanitary water, through a stainless steel coil exchanger.

With the same way, you can take advantage from any other energy source you have. You only add the correct size of coil exhangers up the number of four.

The HEAT PUMP coil exchanger is made of copper and all other coils of stainless steel.

Build your own BH WATER HEATER.

Coil exchangers INSIDE the tank

Working pressure : ZERO ATMOSPHERES

The BH HEAT PUMP use freon R 134a.

FULLY recyclable product


Pure energy through stainless steel coil exhangers

An ideal choice for your home